The beercellar

The Beercellar

The beercellar

Unique beercellar

Unique basement in St. Oedenrode
The (rooise) Beer Cellar


If you looking at the building where liquor is located, you would not expect but they're really there, 3 beautiful self-built cellars by Fons van Boxmeer.
With 1 of these cellars we have recently done something unique.
It's the basement that connects directly to the liquor store.
The basement looks older than he actually is, Fons in 1989 and began building in 1990, this basement into use.
Until 2010, the basement served as a wine cellar for wines from Bordeaux.
Because in the liquor store is also a small basement, we thought it better to be those wines in order to explain the total range of wines in the liquor store to concentrate.
Well, what about that empty basement?
The solution was quickly found, where the last years sales growth in the specialty beers had something to do with beer.

Old Grolsch car
Our beer range offers mid liquor store and connect directly to the basement to.
Tineke van Boxmeer had the great idea to make a sort of small museum to a piece of Dutch, Belgian and German beer history.
In the past 35 years because there were bottles, crates, glasses, mugs and other items collected with beer to do so it had no problem to the basement to set up.

Together with the President of the Roois Beer Guild, Henk Grootendorst and Technical Cor Smits man we have some nights with our heads in dozens of dusty boxes sitting to the right items to select.
There are also a lot of hours in what and where to put down sit down but ultimately the result may be there.
Various images and pictures that have something to do with beer adorn the wall.
So could the picture of Arie van Dijk, the father of Tineke not missing. Arie worked in his younger years for Grolsh Brewery as a driver and is pictured against his tough Grolsch car.


During setup we got an idea by requiring that the strong beers to let them develop as better to take effect.
You see this especially in wines but in recent years see this imposing increasingly the breweries themselves but also for real beer lovers.
Best before dates are no problem here!
Beer with an alcohol content exceeding 7.5% lends itself well to 'impose'.
The beer is then stored in a dark room, with a stable 'cellar temperature'.
The beer will then develop what the flavor benefit.
So do not look too far to the least-stable-to-date on the label.
Until this date guarantees the brewer known taste.
It is not supposed to be flushed down the toilet  !

Our absolute showpiece Kasteelbier dark brew 11% in 1999 THT 2004

More than 40 different brands and types of all bottled in 75cl bottles with cork we have in our cellar at all, these are all in sales.
Some are already mature and others need to develop, this can in our basement but also at home provided they are properly stored, in here we can certainly recommend.


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